in the kitchen

in the kitchen

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dining Out

San Francisco is a great place for many things, one of which is food. I have had the opportunity to eat there quite a bit the last couple of years. Staying in hotels means maid service and eating out three meals a day. Why does it get old after a while?--doesn't make sense, but it does get old. I have tried many different restaurants and found only one or two truly bad places. Several that are good. And a few that are stars! I decided to share some of those star quality establishments via this blog. If you get the opportunity to be in San Fran and eat out, I hope these recommendations will allow you to enjoy your visit even more.

Sens is located in Embarcadero Center 4, just across from the Ferry Building in the Financial District. Truly elegant food. Leans to mid-eastern and Mediterranean flavors. My experience there was all about perfectly blended flavors, exquisitely cooked food, and presentation that hit the exact right note. The portions are normal (not too big or too small) and the atmosphere is pleasant. The menu is easy to interpret, the selections are seasonally appropriate, and the wait staff knows what's what. It was not too noisy and the tables were far enough apart. Plus, they have ecru linen table clothes and napkins (without the butcher-paper-over-linen of the faux elegant movement). Price is on the high end but nothing was overpriced for what was presented. Count on me being there again as soon as I can.

Kokkari is on the corner of Jackson and Front Street, also in the Financial District. It is a Greek place that has well balanced atmosphere and food finely done. It has been a while since I ate there, but I remember exquisite flavors, nice presentations and good service. Bill and I tried a new place this trip and ended up quite disappointed. We both mentioned we wish we had gone to Kokkari's instead. Price is highish but worth it.

Zazil is one of my favorite Mexican places to eat in San Fran. It is located in the Westfield Center on Market Street, on the fourth level near the dome.  Each table is presented with tiny corn tortillas wrapped in a linen napkin, warm and tasty with three different salsas--one chared, one smokey and one green--still can't decide which I like best. If you are there with a few people, be sure and order the guacamole, made for you tableside. My favorite entree is the chili relleno which is not battered and fried but baked. Taste, presentation and service all get top  grades. Atmosphere is a bit weaker but nothing to hinder your experience. I make it there for lunch at least every time I am in town.

Unicorn Pan Asian Quisine (scallops or beef with green beans) is on Pine Street, Tadich Grill (calamari steak, pork roast) on California Street and The Slanted Door (spring rolls) in the Ferry Building and Taylor's (burgers and sweet potato fries) in the Ferry Building too--these are some of the best I've found.

Breakfast will be a whole other blog.

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  1. The best food I have had as of late is at your house little sister. I don't even like "girl food - souffle" yet I keep thinking about and salavating about the spinach and cranberry souffles. Thanks tons.