in the kitchen

in the kitchen

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pumpkin Hazelnut Bread Pudding

Sophie made a wonderful bread pudding using Pumpkin Hazelnut Bread (recipe from this blog) that we all loved. It was adapted from a recipe that was itself an adaptation of another recipe. That's how things go. Each of us improving a bit on what we find. Try this version and see if it makes you as happy as it made us-
Pumpkin Caramel Apple Bread Pudding
5 cups cubed Pumpkin Hazelnut Bread
4 cups diced, peeled apples, tarter rather than sweeter variety
4 eggs
3 egg yolks
1 cup half and half
2 cups milk ( 2%)
1 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup white sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 teaspoon almond extract
3/4 teaspoon ginger
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon cloves
1 tablespoon butter
Caramel Sauce:
3/4 cup buttermilk
1 1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup butter
3 tablespoons light cornsyrup
3/4 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Cube bread into 1 1/2 inch pieces. Place on a baking sheet and dry in 300 degree oven for 10 minutes. Peel and dice apples, place in water with a bit of lemon juice to keep them from browning. Whisk eggs and yolks, half and half and milk in a bowl. Add sugars, salt, extracts and spices then mix well. Butter a glass 9 x 13 inch baking dish and toss bread cubes and drained apple pieces together in pan. Pour milk mixture over bread and apples. Push bread down to make sure it all gets soaked. Allow to stand for at least 15 minutes then dot with butter. Bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes or until center is just set. Allow to stand for 5 minutes or so out of the oven before serving.
Meanwhile, make sauce by combining buttermilk, sugar, butter, corn syrup and baking soda in a large pan. Bring mixture to a boil and then reduce heat. Keep at a slow boil for 9 minutes, stirring frequently. Remove from heat and serve warm over the top of each serving of pudding.

Hints: Getting the bread dry allows the custard to soak into it better. Any caramel sauce will work. Tart apples are a bit better than sweet varieties simply because of the sugar content in the custard and sauce. Sweet apples will yield a too sweet dessert.

This tastes so much like Autumn! It was delightful and we all enjoyed it so much. Thanks Soph for the "Halftime treat".  The football game could have gone better but the treat was just perfect!

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