in the kitchen

in the kitchen

Friday, November 9, 2012

Larger Gifts

Now for a continuation of the last post on gift giving. These 6 items cost more than the 12 items in that post. Maybe a family member or closer friend would be a candidate for these items. I use them often and find they make my cooking life easier and more efficient.
Left to Right:
Cuisinart Food Processor-- My delightful husband gave this to me for Christmas one year and I love it. It makes many cooking chores go very quickly. I am sure that the cook in your life would appreciate one. Around $150.
Soda Stream-- I gave this to my delightful husband last Christmas and he loves it. We both do. Although we are not big soda pop drinkers at my house, we do like club soda on ice or with a lime wedge. It is great to use when making lemonade or other drinks. Models start around $75. Refill CO2 canisters run $15.
Slow Cooker-- We all love the idea of getting dinner ready hours before we need it some days. I have some lovely recipes for slow cookers and there are plenty available on line. If you don't have one yet, ask for one this year! Prices vary according to size and features but start around $25.
Magic Bullet-- This small blender is great for certain things like breakfast smoothies or salad dressings. It also chops or grinds nuts so quickly. I use it fairly often and picked it up at Costco for about $40.
Immersion Blender-- This is a safety tool. Pureeing hot soups or sauces can be dangerous in a regular blender as the hot liquid expands. An immersion blender is also great for milk shakes and foaming hot cocoa. I've had mine for years; they are available for under $25. 
Rice Cooker-- This makes rice as a side dish super slick. It is also useful for steaming veggies, dumplings etc. These start at around $20. 
Other Ideas-- Toasters (everyone has one right?), waffle irons, indoor grills, fondue pots, electric skillets. 
Please share your favorites with the rest of us by posting a comment!

Having the right equipment is such a boon to creativity. It makes following a recipe so much easier and it opens up possibilities for realizing ones own gourmet creations. This gift giving season, maybe you can open a door for someone you care about so they can enlarge their talents. 

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